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Product Release Updates

2024-06-22-v0.1.66: Experience Smoother Interaction between Professional Mode and Desktop Application

We are excited to announce that with the latest update to version v0.1.66, we have significantly optimized the interaction between the professional mode of our website and the desktop application. This update is aimed at enhancing the user experience, ensuring seamless connectivity and more efficient workflow between the two platforms.

Update details:

Interaction Optimization: We have improved the interaction logic between the website's professional mode and the desktop application, allowing users to switch and operate more smoothly between the two platforms. Enhanced User Experience: The interface elements have been meticulously adjusted to enhance visual clarity and intuitiveness, making it easier and more comfortable for users during operation. Performance Improvements: Enhanced backend capabilities have increased data processing speeds, ensuring faster response times and more stable performance. We are committed to continuously improving user experience, and with this update, we hope users can use our professional mode and desktop application more efficiently and enjoyably. As always, we look forward to your feedback to further refine and enhance our offerings.

2024-06-15-Multi-Functional Professional Toolkit v0.1.64 — Now with Google Login and Enhanced Content Optimization Features!

Our latest version v0.1.64 introduces several exciting new features! Users can now log in with their Google accounts for a more convenient access experience. Additionally, the new professional mode offers more powerful tools for content creators, including image cropping, communication, comment writing, headline and tag rewriting, and a new SEO webpage optimization module to better attract your target audience.

Update Details

  • Google Login: Users can now log in directly using their Google accounts, simplifying the access and operation process.
  • Professional Mode Enhancements:
    • Image Cropping Tool: Supports specific image needs for different social media platforms, making content more suitable for various channels.
    • Communication Module: Strengthens expression and reply capabilities, improving the quality of user interaction.
    • Comment Writing Module: Helps users generate more engaging comments more efficiently.
    • Headline Rewriting Module: Automatically optimizes headlines to attract more viewer attention.
    • Tag Rewriting Module: Enhances tag relevance and search optimization, increasing content discoverability.
    • SEO Webpage Optimization Module: Adds new webpage optimization tools to improve website ranking in search engines, increasing traffic and visibility.

Adapting to the changes in market and user demands, we warmly invite all users to experience this new upgrade. Whether you are a content creator or a marketing expert, this update will bring you more value and a better user experience. Update now and experience it!

2024-05-23-Content Creation Accelerator v0.1.62: A Multifunctional Assistant for Self-Media Creators

Product Introduction

Content Creation Accelerator v0.1.62 is a comprehensive upgrade specifically designed for self-media creators. It offers a range of powerful new tools and features to make content creation faster, more efficient, and more professional. Whether you're engaging in professional-level photo editing, writing, or topic expansion, this version is the ideal choice.

Update Details

  • Added Professional Mode Module: Introduces a new Professional Mode, offering advanced users more sophisticated operational options to meet the needs of users at different levels.
  • Self-Media Type Recommendation: Intelligently recommends the most suitable type of self-media accounts based on users' personal interests and current trends, and provides practical operational strategies.
  • Topic Expansion Tool: Utilizes existing materials and events to intelligently generate relevant topic suggestions, helping users expand their content and enhance the reach and impact of their posts.
  • Post-Writing Wizard: Enhances post structure and visual effects through advanced background setting and content adjustment tools, significantly improving writing efficiency.
  • Post Rewriting Tool: Quickly generates new posts or rewrites content based on existing posts, enhancing the innovation and diversity of the content.
  • Image Size Adjustment Tool: Customize image sizes to fit various social media platforms, including choosing preset optimal sizes or manual adjustments to make content more appealing.

Upgrade to Content Creation Accelerator v0.1.62 to unlock your creative potential and make every post shine!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope GPT AI Flow plays a significant role in your digital journey. Download now, join our free users, and enjoy the convenience technology brings! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2024-05-11-Post-Writing Wizard v0.1.61-Equipped with Upgraded Professional Mode!

Introducing the brand-new Post-Writing Wizard v0.1.61, bringing unprecedented convenience and professionalism to your content creation! This update focuses on enhancing the user experience and expanding the range of functions, particularly adding diverse language support and a rich examples column to help you effortlessly handle various writing needs. More importantly, our newly designed communication mode aims to provide more efficient and direct feedback mechanisms and collaboration opportunities during writing, creating a seamless creative process.


  1. Diversity of Languages: This upgrade adds a wider range of language options, allowing you to create content more accurately and comfortably, no matter the language of your target audience.
  2. Rich Examples Column: The added examples column provides intuitive guidance and inspiration for all types of writing. Whether it's social media posts, professional articles, or daily blogs, you'll find inspiration here.
  3. Upgraded Communication Mode: To better meet the needs of multi-author collaboration and feedback solicitation, we've introduced a new communication mode. This not only makes team communication more efficient but also simplifies the collection and integration of feedback.
  4. Performance and Stability Enhancements: While expanding functionality, we have not overlooked the basics - performance and stability have also been comprehensively optimized to ensure a smooth experience during use.

Whether you are a writing novice or an experienced author, Post-Writing Wizard v0.1.61 is an invaluable assistant for you. Experience it now and start your professional writing journey!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope GPT AI Flow plays a significant role in your digital journey. Download now, join our free users, and enjoy the convenience technology brings! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2024-05-10-Post-Writing Wizard v0.1.60-Professional Mode Upgrade

Adapting to the ever-growing needs of content creators, the latest version of the Post-Writing Wizard v0.1.60 brings a series of powerful upgrades to Professional Mode, providing you with a more personalized, efficient post creation experience. From custom backgrounds to content adjustments, from post version management to repetitive regeneration, all these features are designed to help you more easily produce and manage posts, inspiring writing creativity and innovation. Update Description

  • Innovative Post Background and Content Adjustment Tools: Users can now more freely customize the appearance of their posts. Choose from a rich library of backgrounds, and adjust the post's layout, color, and typography using intuitive editing tools to make each post more visually impactful and enjoyable to read.
  • Version History and Recovery Function: Worried about accidentally losing carefully crafted post drafts? The new version provides a comprehensive version history recording feature. Users can browse and retrieve previous post versions, ensuring that every spark of inspiration is preserved.
  • Regeneration Based on Existing Versions: Further optimize content or explore the same theme from multiple perspectives. We understand that creative work often requires refinement, hence the introduction of regeneration based on existing versions. Users can select a previous version as a starting point for a new round of creation.

Be sure to update to v0.1.60 to experience these exciting new features and take your post creation to a new professional level!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope GPT AI Flow plays a significant role in your digital journey. Download now, join our free users, and enjoy the convenience technology brings! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2024-05-04-Enhanced Efficiency and Smoothness Explore v0.1.57 New Features

Welcome to experience the latest iteration of our product! Our version v0.1.57 brings you a brand-new Professional Mode v4 interface and introduces an auto-updater to further simplify and accelerate your workflow. This version aims to optimize the user experience and enhance the intuitiveness of operations through a series of updates.

Version Description:

  • Brand New Professional Mode v4: Launch the new Professional Mode, bringing improved functionality and a more streamlined interface, activating your efficient work state.
  • Professional Mode Reset Function: Allows you to quickly return to default settings, convenient for fast adaptation and use in different scenarios.
  • Smart Auto-Update: Introduced a new auto-update feature, no need to manually download new versions, ensuring you always use the latest and most stable version of the software.
  • AIFlow Version 2 Adjustments: Key optimizations were made in the AI workflow tool, making settings and applications smoother and more intuitive.
  • Enhanced Stability: Removed old unnecessary components and shut down no longer used connections, making the software run more sturdily and reliably.
  • Interface and Operational Detail Optimization: We have readjusted and updated the user interface design, improving the friendliness of the user experience.
  • Code Cleanup: By removing unnecessary code, we have made the software run smoother, reducing potential errors, and improving operating efficiency.

Experience this array of innovative features that make your tools smarter and more helpful. Update now, unlock a new realm of productivity!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope GPT AI Flow plays a significant role in your digital journey. Download now, join our free users, and enjoy the convenience technology brings! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2024-04-09-v0.1.44-GPT AI Flow Free International Version

Product Introduction:

Welcome to experience the latest version of GPT AI Flow v0.1.44, now fully available as a free international version! We continuously listen to our users' voices, committed to providing more diverse and inclusive services. This update is not only a commitment to our global users but also demonstrates our determination to offer high-value solutions. Download now and start enjoying our free services, experience the boundlessness of convenience and reliability!

Version Description

  • Globally Universal: No matter where you are, you can easily access and use our free software.
  • Zero-Cost Experience: Access the basic features of our software for free, without worrying about any hidden costs.
  • Trusted Quality: Even as a free version, we ensure the software's quality is uncompromised, committed to providing a stable and reliable user experience.
  • Continuous Support and Improvement: We regularly release version updates to ensure the software's functions are perfected and the user experience is enhanced.

We look forward to your valuable feedback, as your every review and suggestion will directly impact the future of our product. Please contact us through email at or use our online feedback system to share your usage experiences and needs.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope GPT AI Flow plays a significant role in your digital journey. Download now, join our free users, and enjoy the convenience technology brings! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2024-02-04-v0.1.42-Major Update of Official Customer Service Assistant and ProMode Professional Mode Command Chain / XiaoHongShu Expert Official Test Database

Product Introduction:

Welcome to experience our latest version v0.1.42, we bring a range of function optimizations and new features to enhance your user experience! The introduction of the new GPT AI Flow Customer Service Assistant can intelligently answer user inquiries, significantly improving customer service efficiency. Additionally, specifically designed for professional users, the ProMode professional mode has been upgraded, optimizing the command chain processing flow, making operations smoother and more efficient. We have also introduced an official database specifically for XiaoHongShu experts in the testing phase, providing more precise data support for content creators. For convenient operation, a new Alt+0 shortcut key feature allows you to quickly clear history, ensuring a tidy workspace.

Version Description

  1. Customer Service Assistant: Adds the new GPT AI Flow Customer Service Assistant, employing advanced artificial intelligence technology, making customer responses faster and more personalized.
  2. ProMode Professional Mode Command Chain Optimization: Optimizes the ProMode professional mode's command chain processing flow, improving the accuracy and speed of command execution.
  3. XiaoHongShu Expert Official Database (Testing Phase): Introduces the XiaoHongShu expert official database, aiming to help professional users precisely locate market and audience data.
  4. Quick Clear History: Adds a shortcut key Alt+0, which users can use to quickly clear history, maintaining an efficient and tidy work environment.

We continue to listen to user feedback and are committed to continuously updating and improving to provide a better product experience. Download v0.1.42 now, and enjoy more professional and intelligent services!

2024-01-22-v0.1.40-Trial Optional Version and Professional Mode Upgrade

Welcome to experience the latest version of XiaoHongShu Expert v2! In v0.1.40, we have significantly optimized the user interaction experience and significantly enhanced software performance. This update includes new features added to the information dialogue window and improvements in the copy section based on user feedback, also providing more flexible trial options. Now, users can choose the tool version or model version according to their needs, obtaining a more personalized user experience. Additionally, by upgrading software dependencies, we ensure the software runs more stably, providing better performance. Update now, and experience a smoother and more efficient XiaoHongShu Expert v2!

Update Description:

  • New G3, G4 Model Type Tags: The information dialogue window now includes new model type tags, allowing users to quickly identify and select data models suitable for their needs.
  • Improvements in Copy Section: Responding to user feedback, we adjusted the copy mechanism to allow users to selectively copy needed text information.
  • Optimized Trial Versions: Provided more flexible trial version options, allowing users to choose the tool version or model version according to their needs.
  • Code and Software Dependency Major Upgrade: By upgrading software dependencies and optimizing code, we achieved significant improvements in software performance, ensuring a smoother user operation experience.
  • Professional Mode Upgrade: The professional mode of XiaoHongShu Expert has been upgraded to v2, offering more professional tools and features to help users more effectively manage content creation.

Update to v0.1.40 now, enhancing your GPT AI Flow user experience!

2023-12-29-v0.1.39-Professional Mode Enhancements and User Experience Optimization

Product Introduction:

This update focuses on providing a more flexible operation experience for professional mode users and has meticulously optimized the entire application's user interface. By introducing more model choices and a new temporary model option, we ensure you can experience higher customization and efficiency in professional mode. Simultaneously, we continuously strive to enhance the platform's overall user experience, making using GPT AI Flow a pleasant and efficient daily activity for every user.

Update Description:

  • Partial proMode Command Upgrades: We have upgraded some of the commands in professional mode, now you can choose models more suitable for your needs to get better results when performing professional tasks.
  • Added Temporary Model Option in Professional Mode: To provide more flexibility, we have added a temporary model option in professional mode. This means you can temporarily switch to different models according to the specific needs of the current task without changing the default settings.
  • Optimized User Experience: We are committed to continuously improving user experience. In this version, you will find that all aspects of the application, including interface fluidity, interaction intuitiveness, and access speed, have been improved, ensuring your user experience is smoother and more enjoyable.

Update to v0.1.39 now, and enjoy a whole new experience with GPT AI Flow! We look forward to your valuable feedback, which we use as motivation for continuous improvement. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2023-12-15-v0.1.38-New Personal Creation Mode, Desktop Experience Enhancement

Product Introduction:

In this update, we focused on providing a smoother, more intuitive user experience for desktop users. The introduction of the brand-new personal creation mode empowers content creators with more freedom and flexibility, not only optimizing the process of writing and editing but also providing more personalized tools and features, allowing each creator to shine in their unique way on the XiaoHongShu platform.

Update Description:

  • Added Personal Creation Mode: The XiaoHongShu professional module now includes a new personal creation mode, allowing creators to edit and publish original works more flexibly, also offering a more diverse range of layout and editing tools to support various creative needs.
  • Optimized User Experience: We have comprehensively optimized the desktop interface and interaction design, enhancing the fluidity and convenience of operations, ensuring you can more efficiently browse and create content.
  • Improved Stability and Performance: We have further optimized the program's overall stability and performance, ensuring a consistent user experience during prolonged use.

We are always committed to technological innovation and functionality perfection to provide a better product experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to your creative achievements in the new version! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2023-12-06-v0.1.37-OTA-1-Comprehensive Upgrade of the Intelligent Assistant Platform, More Accurate Professional Mode!

Product Introduction:

Welcome to experience the newly updated Intelligent Assistant Platform v0.1.37-OTA-1. This update brings comprehensive enhancements to the professional mode, involving multiple function modules. Whether you are a communication assistant, blog writer, XiaoHongShu expert, AI technology expert, customer service representative, content manager, UP main, product manager, or marketer, our platform can provide you with more accurate, efficient services to meet your growing professional needs. Let's explore the exciting content of this update! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

Update Description:

  • Intelligent Communication Assistant: Enhances the language model's response speed and conversational accuracy, better understanding and responding to customer needs.
  • Blog Copy Creation: Upgrades the copy generation tool, enhancing the accuracy and creativity of writing assistance to attract more readers.
  • XiaoHongShu Expert Assistant: Optimizes the content recommendation algorithm, enhances personalized settings, and improves content-audience matching.
  • AI Assistant Module: Enhances AI's understanding and task execution efficiency, making technical support more intelligent.
  • Customer Assistant Function: Improves the accuracy of customer service responses, optimizing user experience and satisfaction.
  • Comment Management Tool: Introduces a smarter comment filtering and feedback mechanism, improving the efficiency of content management.
  • UP Main Content Creation Assistant: Enhances the auxiliary capability for video and social media content creation, improving audience interaction.
  • Product Manager Assistant: Strengthens market analysis and product planning tools, aiding in rapid product iteration and market adaptation.
  • Marketing Assistant: Enhances the accuracy of market trend analysis and marketing strategy recommendations, providing strong data support for marketing decisions.

All modules' accuracy and precision have been significantly improved, ensuring your performance in professional fields is more outstanding. Update now, and enjoy the comprehensively enhanced intelligent assistant services! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback anytime.

2023-11-29-v0.1.37 - Enhanced Imitation Case and Copywriting Functionality!

Product Introduction:

Welcome to the latest version v0.1.37 of the Creative Content Assistant, designed specifically for content creators, marketers, and writing enthusiasts to boost the efficiency and quality of their content creation. In this version, we have introduced built-in imitation content cases, providing users with a wealth of reference materials. Additionally, we have significantly enhanced the content imitation functionality to support more diverse and high-quality content creation. We have also optimized the command input experience, making user operations smoother and more seamless.

Product Description:

  • Built-in Imitation Content Cases: We have meticulously prepared a series of high-quality imitation cases covering various styles and themes. Users can directly use these cases to inspire their own creations or adjust and rewrite them as templates to quickly generate content with personalized characteristics.
  • Enhanced Content Imitation Functionality: Based on user feedback and the latest technological advancements, we have comprehensively enhanced the content imitation functionality. Whether it's imitating language styles or copying structures and themes, our tools provide more intelligent and precise imitation capabilities, helping users easily create content that meets demands and is innovative.
  • Optimized Command Input Experience: To make the user experience more intuitive, we have fully optimized the command input. The new command input logic aligns more with user habits, and the interface interaction design is more intuitive, making user operations more efficient and reducing the learning curve.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or need to quickly produce high-quality copy, Creative Content Assistant v0.1.37 is an indispensable tool. Update now to unlock your creative potential! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-11-25-v0.1.36 - Professional Mode Upgrade and Beauty Skincare Content Creation Support

Product Introduction:

Our latest update, v0.1.36, aims to enhance user experience and expand the scope of content creation. This update focuses on optimizing the Professional Mode and has added a beauty skincare scenario to the XiaoHongShu Expert professional module, providing beauty experts with richer content creation and skincare advice tools.

Update Details:

  1. Professional Mode Optimization: We have finely tuned the operation process of the Professional Mode, improving the handling of mode stages, allowing users to create and manage content more smoothly, thus enhancing work efficiency and content quality.
  2. Added Beauty Skincare Scenario: Responding to the demands of beauty content creators, the v0.1.36 version has added a beauty skincare scenario in the XiaoHongShu Expert professional module. This allows creators to integrate professional knowledge and personalized advice directly into their content, also helping users obtain practical skincare information.
  3. Content Creation and Skincare Advice Phase Configuration: To further support beauty creators, we have added two custom stages: Content Creation and Skincare Advice. The Content Creation stage is dedicated to providing flexible editing tools and a rich resource library to inspire creativity and enhance content quality. The Skincare Advice stage aims to help creators provide more professional and targeted skincare guidance, meeting users' desires for professional advice while pursuing beauty.

We firmly believe that with this update, v0.1.36 will further solidify our product's leadership in the content creation market, while also bringing deeper value and a superior experience to our users. Experience v0.1.36 now and embark on your professional content creation journey. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-11-16-v0.1.35 - XiaoHongShu Expert Professional Mode Upgrade - Smarter AI Commands, Richer Model Selection!

Product Introduction:

As social media marketing continues to evolve, XiaoHongShu, as a leading lifestyle sharing platform, is committed to providing influencers with a more efficient and personalized content creation experience. We are pleased to announce that the XiaoHongShu Professional Mode has been comprehensively optimized in version v0.1.35, especially the AI command settings for influencers have been upgraded, making them smarter and easier to use. Additionally, we have listened to extensive feedback from influencers and added more model choices to meet the diverse needs of experts in different fields.

Version Details:

In XiaoHongShu v0.1.35, influencers will experience the following new and improved features:

  1. Optimized AI Command Settings: We have fine-tuned the AI commands in Professional Mode, allowing influencers to more precisely control the desired effects when creating content. The new AI commands not only respond faster but are also more intuitive, making operations smoother.
  2. More Model Choices: To support influencers in creating more diverse content on XiaoHongShu, we have added a range of efficient model options. Whether it's experts in the fields of food, fashion, or travel, they can find tools more suited to their content style in a broader model library.

This update aims to further enhance the content creation experience and content quality on the XiaoHongShu platform through smarter tools and broader choices. We believe that ongoing technological innovations will bring more possibilities to the XiaoHongShu community. Update to v0.1.35 now and start your new professional creation journey!

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-11-08-v0.1.34 - Payment Process Optimization and AI Model Update

Product Introduction:

In the update of v0.1.34, we primarily focused on integrating and optimizing the payment process, adding the latest generation of the big model-4-preview AI model choice, and optimizing the performance code, providing a smoother user experience. Additionally, necessary text updates and subscription logic handling were also adjusted in this version.

Product Description:

  1. Payment Process Integration: Our technical team has comprehensively integrated the existing payment process to better align with user habits, providing a smoother payment experience.
  2. Big Model-4-preview Model Choice: We have added the latest big model-4-preview model choice, allowing users to enjoy the advantages brought by cutting-edge AI technology.
  3. Performance Code Optimization: We have optimized the performance code, which will enhance the overall system performance, providing a smoother, faster user experience.
  4. Subscription Logic Update: This version optimized the subscription database v2 and added an expired subscription handling mechanism, making subscription management more convenient for users, while also updating the corresponding text to make operations more intuitive.

Through these updates, we hope to further enhance the user experience. Thank you for your support of our product, and we will continue to work hard to provide you with superior service. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-11-06-v0.1.33: ProMode Professional Mode Update—More Advanced Data Structure and User-Friendly Interactive Experience

Product Introduction:

We are pleased to announce the latest version v0.1.33 of the ProMode Professional Mode is now available. We have made some important upgrades and improvements in this version to help users better use our product. In this version, we have upgraded from professional module v2.0 to professional module v3.0, and our professional mode settings can now be applied in dialogues, allowing users to personalize the use of AI based on existing professional answers directly through dialogue. Additionally, we have added stage settings in professional mode, giving each module the opportunity for OTA upgrades in the future.

Product Description:

  1. IProMode Data Structure Upgrade: From professional module v2.0 upgraded to professional module v3.0, further enhancing the product's performance and stability.
  2. Professional Mode Settings Dialogue: Users can directly set professional mode in the dialogue box, not only facilitating user use but also enhancing the product's interactive experience.
  3. Added Stage Settings: We have added stage settings in professional mode, allowing users to adjust according to their needs, with each module having the opportunity for OTA upgrades in the future to better meet user needs.

We will continue to collect user feedback, continuously optimize our product, and meet users' professional needs. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-10-29-v0.1.32: New Reward Mechanism and Performance Optimization

Product Introduction:

Welcome to experience version v0.1.32, which mainly brings a new recommendation reward mechanism, further improving the user experience. Based on extensive user feedback, we have fixed the account logout and subscription package check issues, enhancing the product's stability and reliability. Additionally, we have introduced the ability limit switch for big model-3.5 and big model-4 to meet the needs of different users. To enhance backend stability, we also conducted a large-scale data restructuring and performance optimization.

Product Description:

  1. Recommendation Reward Mechanism: We have introduced a new recommendation reward mechanism, where users can earn certain rewards by recommending new users to use our product.
  2. Account Logout Issue Fix: Thanks to extensive user feedback, we have resolved the account logout issue, enhancing the user experience.
  3. Subscription Package Check Issue Fix: This update fixed the subscription package check issue, making it easier for users to view and manage their subscription packages.
  4. Big Model-3.5/Big Model-4 Ability Limit Switch: We provide new ability limit switch options for users, freely choosing the capabilities of the big model-3.5 or big model-4 model based on your needs.
  5. Data and Performance Backend Stability Reconstruction: To improve backend stability, we have restructured the data and optimized performance, ensuring stable product operation.

Thank you to users worldwide for your support and trust. We will continue to optimize the product, providing the highest quality service. The continuous upgrades and innovations of the product are inseparable from user feedback and suggestions. Let us work together to build a better digital world, and we look forward to your continued attention and support. Please experience and enjoy the new experience brought by v0.1.32.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-10-23-v0.1.30-OTA-2: Upgrade Your Blog Content Creation Experience

Product Introduction:

We are very pleased to release v0.1.30-OTA-2, this version has undergone a major upgrade to our blog copy content creation professional module. This version strengthens audience analysis, topic research, keywords and SEO, content planning, content creation, visual elements, editing and proofreading, and SEO optimization features. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and efficient tool to help you produce high-quality blog content and enhance your SEO capabilities.

Product Description:

In this version, we have enhanced the following features,

  • Audience Analysis: Our system now better understands your readers, providing you with more detailed audience analysis to better meet their needs.
  • Topic Research: We offer a powerful set of topic research tools that can help you delve into popular topics, thereby creating more attractive content.
  • Keywords and SEO: Our keyword research tool and SEO optimization functionality have been greatly enhanced, helping your blog gain a better position in search engine rankings.
  • Content Planning: We have enhanced the content planning tool, allowing you to more easily plan and manage your blog content.
  • Content Creation: Our content creation tool is now more powerful, helping you quickly produce high-quality blog articles.
  • Visual Elements: We offer a richer range of visual resources, making your blog more lively and interesting.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Our editing and proofreading tool is now more accurate, helping you improve the quality of your blog content.
  • SEO Optimization: Our SEO optimization tool has been upgraded, helping you better enhance your blog's search engine ranking.

We believe that the upgrade of v0.1.30-OTA-2 will bring a comprehensive enhancement to your blog creation and SEO optimization experience. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-10-20-v0.1.30-OTA-1: XiaoHongShu Content Creation Module Upgrade, Making Self-Media Content Creation More Efficient

Product Introduction:

In this version, we have comprehensively upgraded the professional mode XiaoHongShu module, aiming to provide a superior self-media creation experience. We have formulated new content creation commands based on the content creation process, from Goal Setting, Audience Analysis to Topic Research and Conceptualization, to Content Planning, Framework Design, and Content Creation, providing you with a one-stop service, making your creation process more efficient.

Product Description:

  • Goal Setting: Helps you clarify the goals of content creation, providing more targeted creative guidance.
  • Audience Analysis: Understand your audience group, providing more precise audience positioning for your content creation.
  • Topic Research and Conceptualization: Based on big data and industry insights, we provide you with hot and promising topic ideas.
  • Content Planning: We provide you with complete content planning advice, helping you form an efficient creation process.
  • Content Framework Design: We provide reasonable framework design for your content, making its structure clearer and more readable.
  • Content Creation: Based on the above analysis and planning, ultimately generate content that is attractive and impactful.

We believe this upgrade will make your self-media creation more efficient and effective, and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. We are always working hard to provide you with better products and services. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-10-16-v0.1.30: ProMode Professional Mode Upgrade & Personalized Local Personal Document Assistant

Product Introduction:

We are excited to release our v0.1.30 version, which contains important updates to the ProMode Professional Mode and the brand-new Local Personal Document Assistant feature. We believe these new features will further enhance your product experience.

Product Description:

ProMode Professional Mode:

  • Based on continuous user feedback, we have updated the professional mode model and optimized the imitation case functionality, striving to provide users with a more professional and smooth user experience.
  • The beauty section has also been completely rewritten, and the recommended tone and angle of the copy have been improved, ensuring that users receive more precise suggestions when using this feature.

Local Personal Document Assistant:

We have introduced a new feature - the Local Personal Document Assistant. This is a powerful tool that allows users to build a fully personalized document assistant using their local text knowledge base. Whether you are conducting research, writing reports, or managing projects, this feature will make your work more efficient.

  • Personalized Construction: The Local Personal Document Assistant allows users to use their local text knowledge base as a foundation to build a personalized document assistant. This means you can integrate all important information and knowledge in one place, making it convenient to consult and use at any time.
  • Quick Access to Answers: By directly asking the Local Document Assistant, users can quickly and accurately obtain answers from the knowledge base. This greatly reduces the time spent searching for information, improving work efficiency.

As we release this new version, we promise to continue improving and optimizing this feature to meet user needs. We look forward to your use of this new feature and the convenience it brings. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during use, feel free to provide feedback at any time.

2023-10-01-v0.1.0: Prototype

Dear users, we are excited to announce the launch of a powerful and easy-to-use prototype of GPT AI Flow!

In this version, we provide basic functionality to offer you a smoother and more efficient user experience. Here are the main highlights of this version:

  • Enhanced Search Box Experience: To enhance the visual effect of the search box, we have introduced animation effects. When you enter content in the search box, you will see smooth transition animations, making your usage experience more pleasant.
  • Optimized Global Variable Management: We have introduced electron-store to better manage global variables, making your use more stable and reliable.
  • Creation of Floating Windows and Content Display: Through multi-window management, you can easily create floating windows and display window content below. This will help you better operate in a multitasking environment.
  • Improved Software Settings Panel: In this version, we provide a software settings panel, making it easier for you to adjust and manage various settings.
  • Local Storage and Message Management: We have enhanced the local storage functionality for message history and provided a message clearing option. Additionally, we provide paired displays of questions and answers for each message, facilitating quick review and understanding.
  • One-Click Copy Function: We have designed a one-click copy function, allowing you to conveniently copy the latest answers, improving work efficiency.
  • Smarter Input Handling: For long text inputs, we have optimized the user interface to provide a better visual experience. Additionally, when GPT is processing questions, we also provide real-time tips, keeping you informed of the processing progress.
  • Built-in Commands and Custom Commands: In this version, we provide built-in command functionality and allow you to add commands, making operations more flexible.
  • Interrupt Access Function: To give you more control during use, we have added a stop button and shortcut key function, allowing you to interrupt access at any time.
  • Markdown Output Support: We have optimized the output function, allowing you to output content in Markdown format through simple commands, facilitating viewing and editing."""