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GPT AI Flow: Comprehensive Guide for Floating Window Commands and Media Creation

Floating Window

Scenarios and Commands

Dialogue Display

Enter your question in the input box, press enter, and the response will appear in the pop-up dialogue window.

Switching AI Model Type

Click on the top right corner of the dialogue box on G3 or G4 to switch models quickly; use G4 for solving complex problems to get more comprehensive answers.

Window Size Settings

Supports user customization of the floating window and dialogue window sizes needed for personal use.


Shortcut settings and usage: Click here

Custom Command Set

In the Command Set section of the settings interface, we can customize our own commands for use in the Floating Window and Professional Interface.


Remember to click the 'Save Command' button to update all command settings.

Adding Commands

Modifying Commands

Importing and Exporting Custom Command Sets


We can manage custom commands created by the user.

Resetting Content

To ensure the personal information security of our users, we store most of the settings data on the user's local computer.
Thus, users can independently decide how to process their data.

Clearing Dialogue

Resetting Command Sets and All Local Data

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